I'm a writer for a number of projects, both Homestuck and non-Homestuck.

I have experience with standard narrative prose as well as experience with script/dialogue writing for comics, audio productions, and visual novels.

  • Director and Writer for UNRELEASED FAN VISUAL NOVEL

Additional information coming soon!

  • Narrative Director and Writer for Homestuck New Game Plus


A visual novel project that envisions the post-Homestuck Earth-C as a Communist society and explores the idea of the characters from the original comic having to find their places in this new world. With a team of over 30 writers, artists, musicians, and programmers, HS New Game Plus is ambitious and bold in its purpose of making revolutionary art within the Homestuck fandom.

  • Writer and Editor for Pumpkin Party Zine


A Homestuck fan zine featuring works by over 50 artists, writers, cosplayers, voice actors, musicians, and more. I contributed writing on a number of pieces of work, including three audio scripts.

  • Writer and Designer for Palace of Cold and Silence


On an Earth in 1989, Jane Crocker is on an expedition to the Antarctic to uncover a mysterious ruin and the reason for the disappearance of the previous team sent to find its secrets.

On another Earth in 1999, Jade Harley leads Project SunGlass, an enigmatic government program that finds itself tasked with sorting through the bizarre logs found in the Antarctic ice and dated to 1989. A 1989 that never happened.

As the two women unravel the mysteries of their respective timelines, their fates become inexorably linked as they discover the secrets of the ancient past, parallel timelines, and a game that they are both fated to play.

  • My Extensive Collection of Fan Work (including several novels) can be Found on Ao3:


I do both voice acting and audio editing, and have experience both in and out of the Homestuck fandom on a number of different projects.

I have access to professional recording equipment and have a quick turn-over time for most voice work.

  • Voice Actor and Editor for the Pesterquest Fan Dub


A fan-run dub of the entire Pesterquest Visual novel. I provided narration for Kanaya's route and am currently the primary audio editor for the dub.

  • Voice Actor and Audio Editor for Pumpkin Party Zine


A Homestuck fan zine featuring works by over 50 artists, writers, cosplayers, voice actors, musicians, and more. I voiced roles in three pieces covering a wide range of vocal parts and did audio editing on four.

  • Voice Actor and Editor for The Alabaster Bible


Examining social, political, and LGBTQIA+ issues through the lens of gothic horror and magical realism.

My ongoing non-Homestuck gothic horror podcast, The Alabaster Bible - available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Soundcloud!

  • Guest Host for the Will it Homestuck? Podcast


Media analysis using a Homestuck framework as well as live-reading of fanfic. Will it Homestuck? features a revolving cast of hosts who analyze various media properties using the fictional constructs of the Homestuck web comic.

  • Voice Actor for the Station Arcadia Podcast


A podcast, a radio station, a message. You're listening to Station Arcadia. New episodes every other Friday.

I play recurring minor roles on this podcast.

  • Voice Actor for Ask Kanaya!


An in-character Twitter ask account from the POV of Kanaya Maryam. Questions are answered in-character.


I offer writing, voice acting, audio editing, and photograpy for commercial projects at reasonable rates. Please email me or contact me through Twitter DMs for commissions.

If you're working on a non-commercial Homestuck fan project and would like me to do something for it, please either email me or contact me through DMs. I don't typically charge money for work on fan projects, although my availability is variable based on what I'm currently working on.

Non-Commercial Writing

-Rough edit & basic formatting: ~$0.05/word
-Polished edit & basic formatting: ~$0.10/word
-Formatted PDF book: $20-$25/page

DM me on Twitter for more details!

Rates assume basic writing with minimal world-building (e.g. fanfic, writing drabbles, slice-of-life type stuff, working with your OCs, etc.) or letting me do the world-building (e.g. "write me a horror story about a creature stalking a spaceship crew") - extended world-building or development of complex plotting will be charged extra.

I will write NSFW pieces, with the following conditions:
-Clients for NSFW must be 18+
-I'm okay with kink stuff, but I will not write anything I am personally uncomfortable with (anything involving children, sexual assault, bestiality, incest, scat, etc.)

Non-Commercial Voice Acting
-Character: $1-2/line ($25 min) depending on project
-Narration: $25 per-finished minute ($50 minimum)

Commercial Voice Acting
-Character: $2-$5/line ($100-$500 min) depending on project
-Narration: $50-$100 pfm ($250-$500 minimum) depending on project

DM me on Twitter for more details!